ICKLER Watch Cases - Manufactured in Pforzheim, Germany

Many watch aficionados and collectors ask for a single watch case to make their own watch. Due to the minimum quantities necessary for a manufacture this was not possible so far. To help these customers to build their very personal and individual timepiece, we now manufacture certain cases for the stock and so can offer orders of single ICKLER watch cases.

Since 1924 Ickler manufactures watch cases, made to the highest quality standards, for a demanding international clientele - Made in Germany. The cases are crafted in-house, from solid blocks of stainless steel, pure titanium or 18 carat gold. The highly experienced employees use the latest high tech CNC machinery, which guaranteeing ultimate precision. When it comes to polishing the surfaces, assembling the parts, and thorough quality control, Ickler relies on the careful human touch.
All cases are hallmarked with the Ickler logo between the lugs at 6. Most of the cases are made of stainless steel, some of pure Titanium. Details about execution and size, dial dimensions etc. are mentioned for the specific model. Optional you can order individual laser engravings on the case back and leather straps.